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NorgesAutomaten Poker is a website where you can begin playing online poker to your heart’s desire. Online poker is arguably the most popular game to play on cyberspace, with millions of players logged in at any time to their computers and billions of dollars moving around poker tables each year. If you want a good poker site where you can play, begin at NorgesAutomaten Poker. (NorgesAutomaten also gives you the opportunity to play many other casino games, such as blackjack, baccarat, craps, and many more.)

Signing up for an account with NorgesAutomaten Poker is easy. You just have to give some personal details and follow the instructions on the website. You enter your username, then your password, and then you are ready to go. Other players will see your username (not your real name) so you will feel secure.

Once registered, you now have a play money NorgesAutomaten account that you can use to play poker. You can use play money for play money ring games and play money tournaments. Ring games are one-table games where you can come and leave at the times that you want. Tournaments can either be sit-and-go (single-table), freezeout (where players are eliminated until only one player remains), or shootout (where the winner of each table proceeds to the next table, and so on). There, you can get a feel of how the poker site works as well as begin trying out different playing strategies.

Now, what if you intend to play using real money? Then you have to deposit cash to your poker account at NorgesAutomaten Poker. You can pay through a variety of options. You can also withdraw money at any time you choose. Real money poker is where the thrills of poker are, so after a few stints at the play money tables of NorgesAutomaten Poker to boost your confidence, it is good to proceed to real money play.

Before you begin playing, you have to download casino software that will enable you to play. That software runs on all Windows computers that are connected to the Internet. Now, if you don’t want to install software (or you just don’t have your own computer and you have to seek out an Internet cafe nearby), you can play directly from your Web browser. Playing directly from the web browser is a fine option for those who want to play casino games while at work or while at someone else’s home.

NorgesAutomaten Poker features a variety of poker games, such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Hi-Lo Stud, and Omaha Hi-Lo. There are also no-limit, pot-limit, and limit variations as appropriate for each game. Regarding the money that you can stake, you can play at the micro-stakes (less than $1) where you can build your bankroll steadily but surely, or you can go straight at the large stakes, where hundreds or thousands of dollars are in front of you. With the rich poker experience that you can get from NorgesAutomaten Poker, you will be allured as you play.
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